Liz says……..

I left Leicester clutching my degree into the gloom of a 3 day week and economic disaster, it has been much the same ever since. So I decided to work for myself, I started my pottery business in The Wheel Craft Centre, Chudleigh, Devon in 1980, where I taught evening classes at Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, and Kingsteignton.

We then moved to Shropshire where I set up my workshop and taught at Kiddeminster and Bridgenorth, and became chairman of the Shropshire Craft association.

On the move again working our way slowly home, we arrived in Hornsea with sleet going sideways on November the 20th with a 4 year old and a 5 day old baby. We had a big old pan tiled barn for my pottery, where I ran evening classes and a Saturday kids pottery club, taught pottery in the local schools as a visiting specialist. I sold at Craft shows and throughout my network of Galleries from Devon to Scotland.

We then packed up and toured Europe and Scandinavia visiting many potters discussing techniques and firing processes in a mixture of sign language and broken English, before returning to our Yorkshire Dales.

Full of even more enthusiasm my first workshop back in the Dales was on my brother’s farm, before moving into a workshop next to Sykes house in Askrigg. And then to Hall House in Woodhall. I continued selling through craft shows, galleries and exhibiting with the Northern Potters association. And started teaching evening classes at Wensleydale, Richmond and Askrigg. (I also gained my 7306 certificate in Adult education) classes were geared to filling in the right tick boxes to justify the appropriate funding.

I firmly believe that Pottery classes should teach you many different techniques, and encourage a student to use and expand their natural skill, ability and imagination, as well as meeting like‐minded people to have a chat, or in depth discussion with. And of course the coffee break.

I then accidentally became an Estate Agent, and the family business took over, but I love it !!

But I have deep desire to make things, and continued making and teaching pottery on a smaller scale, I love teaching pottery to enthusiastic people, making my own work (for those who don’t know I started my business before I was married and have continued to run it as Liz Lambert Ceramics) though I guess most of you will know me as Liz Carlisle

My current workshop since 7th July 2000 is at my home in the Yorkshire Dales National park.

My Work is mainly Oven to table ware, I love to make items to use, the clay I work in most of the time is 1145 a white stoneware which shows of the hand painted patterns which I paint onto the damp glaze, this allows the edges to fuz a little and occasionally run giving a little added un-predictability. While I have the 4 ranges no 2 items are the same as each is hand painted. To compliment this I love to play with glaze recipes new designs and materials

A couple of examples of Liz’s work are below: