Around five years ago she moved to beautiful Upper Wensleydale where she has been able to pursue her love of ceramics full-time.

She has been making pots and sculpture since she was very young. For five years she was working with clay almost everyday. After completing a summer of teaching pottery she then followed a totally different career path.

During her working life she discovered the stress relieving, relaxing benefits of sculpting with clay.

Her ideas come from what she experiences everyday, running and walking in the fields and hills where she lives.

All her work is hand-built individually so that each piece is unique.


There are a number of hares close to where she lives. They have been particularly visible recently. There are many legends associated with hares and Suzie finds them elegant and intelligent creatures.

Her hares are stoneware, high-fired and suitable for outside. Once the temperature reaches freezing they should be covered to keep dry.


Her Tall-Tree pots are inspired by the wooded gill where she runs. They are decorated with slips and glazes made with local Wensleydale clay that she digs from the ground and processes herself. The tree picture is made flat with layers of different coloured clays. The base, and sometimes the top, is thrown on her potter’s wheel. The pot is then hand-built putting the elements together. The pots are high fired stoneware and waterproof.


It is impossible when living in the Dales not to notice the seasons changing with the life cycles of the local sheep and other animals.

Swaledale sheep are integral to the Dales and the symbol of the National Park. They are calm and known for being wonderful mothers.

She has tried to capture their personalities and interactions with other animals.

A few examples of Suzie’s work are below: