Ceramics – Suzie

Suzie has worked with clay for more than thirty years. She retired 4 years ago and returned to the Dales where she had spent a great deal of time as a child.

She enjoys working with different types of clay and styles. The pottery in Chapel Gallery at the moment is inspired by the meadows of the Dales. The idea started when she was asked to make dedication plaques for St Oswald’s church in Askrigg. The brief required flowers thay reflected the four seasons

Since that time she has been observing and photographing the meadows near her home for inspiration.

These designs represent what she has seen, along with her imagination. This work utilises stoneware clay fired to high temperatures. The pots on thrown on her antique, restored wheel. Details are hand-sculpted using simple tools and added to the pot whilst still wet. This technique means no two pots are the same.

Some examples of Suzie’s work are below: