Land of Rope and Glory

In 2017, following a birth-trauma experience when our third child was born,  we made the big decision that Heather would not return to her job when her Maternity Leave came to an end.  Over the months that followed we talked more and more about our dream of growing our very own small business of, and by February 2018 we took the plunge and opened The Wensleydale Rope Emporium over at Etsy, where we started to sell beautiful handcrafted homeware and gifts.  We designed a number of Collections, inspired ‘Modern Country’ living.

It wasn’t long before new business opportunities came along and it became apparent that this seedling of a company would soon grow beyond the ‘walls’ of the Emporium.  We renamed our company to The Land of Rope and Glory, encompassing the online Rope Emporium and the emerging branch offering trade services and supplying to other retailers.