Colin Carter

Hi My Name is Colin Carter and I am a Nature photographer living in the North East of the UK on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Most of my time is spent either photographing landscapes or Wildlife in the UK and occassionally abroad. I am really fortunate that i can share my passion for photography with a group of friends who share that same passion and, for me, there is nothing better than standing on a shoreline waiting for the sun to rise over a mountain range or sat in a hide for hours at a time hoping for that moment when an animal or bird comes into range of your lens and been able to share that experience with close friends.

Nature photography is often seen as a solitary pursuit but there is no reason for it to be that way. Been able to share ideas, hints and tips etc is wonderful and passes the time while your waiting, usually freezing cold or wet, for that magic moment to arrive.

When the photography is over for the day, you can share a beer and a nice meal with friends, chat about the day, laugh about mistakes made, how you thought it went and talk about what’s in store for the following day. This is what makes Nature photography for me.

I have attained the distinction of Associateship with the Royal Photographic Society in their Nature Division and had 2 entries receive distinctions in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards in 2015.

Many of my photographs have been used in publications such as Countryfile magazine where they published an article on White Tailed Sea Eagles in Scotland. I also submit images to stock libraries such as Getty Images and Alamy.

I hope you enjoy my Website at and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I always endeavour to answer all emails as quickly as possible.