Piers Browne

PIERS BROWNE has had 101 One-man’s worldwide, from Malibu to Munster in Westphalia via many in London and esp Yorkshire. He loves this little gallery but Muker has a far larger one – and that’s it before Harrogate or York – and after that London venues.

He has finally learnt that nothing really works in a picture unless the love, the initial inspiration, is passionate up to the last brush mark or final line drawn on the etching plate(s).

So, although he has painted from Sweden to Spain, and Bayonne to Salzburg – via Indonesia and Iceland, Africa etc – he has made Wensleydale & Swaledale his ‘God’s Country’ after the London art schools’ training ended in ’75. He has explored with his paints and etching needle (walking alone through Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, barren uplands of central Iceland or the deserts of Morocco, etc….refusing to be in a downhill Olympic ski team as obsessed with Art.

In August of 2016 around 15 of his paintings of Wensleydale were the projected back drops to the musical ‘Freya’ for which he wrote the words and songs and painted his large canvases as backdrops. The second week long performances of the Musical occurred in 2019 for 7 nights across 6 venues, again being a sell out up here.

Made Painter of North England in the prestigious ING Discerning Eye show, London, 2011, and PAINTER OF THE NORTH in the 2012 Great North Art Show, Piers regularly shows at the RA Summer Exhibition, Piers turned to book writing and illustrating part-time from 1977 he bought up lead type and handset A SHROPSHIRE LAD. WORDSWORTH: A LAKELAND ANTHOLOGY (1990) sold well with one handmade copy going for £10k ’93 and in ’92 it won the WHSmith illustrated book of the year. Again with John Murray he afterwards also had published (2002) ‘THE GLORIOUS TREES OF GREAT BRITAIN’a 12 tear project.

At present Piers’ aim is to bring fresh air and exciting compositions into any British sitting room on dank, dark drizzly days with his sun-filled Dales’ pics and within his first novel: ‘LA ROUTE DES VIOLETTES’ set in south-east Provence. + etchings as illustrations.

For all that, ‘the call’ of the Dales and the east Yorkshire coast is always very strong.