Richard & Janet Burdon

Established in 2006, RJB Photographic is a husband and wife team comprising of Richard and Janet Burdon.

We’re based in Pickering in the heart of Ryedale on the edge of the glorious North York Moors National Park. We’re drawn to wild and remote places like the moors and the rugged Yorkshire coastline, though often venture to even more isolated places like the Western Isles of Scotland and the arctic regions of Norway and Greenland. 

Our photography ranges from dramatic coastal sunrises and sunsets to subtler subjects like a misty dawn over a lake, but our true passion is for the simple atmospheric almost minimal winter monochrome images we shoot locally. For us the stark simplicity of a lone tree in a field of snow is a work of art itself. Using light as the fundamental element our work tries to convey a feeling for the ever-changing seasons across this sometimes harsh but diverse and beautiful landscape.

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