Textiles – Maggi

Maggi lives in upper Wensleydale, and loves spending time creating quilts and other fabric products.

Maggi says…

“I have been learning more about quilting since I happily retired a fair few years ago. I am fascinated by the fact that quilting is a traditional skill carried out across countries and cultures throughout the world, either to meet the need for warmth or to meet the need to create a unique piece of fabric. On my travels I collect colours and ideas, and weave them into my work. Patchworking and quilt stitching take their own time. So, in smaller pieces of time, I crotchet and knit to keep my fingers happy. There’s nothing I love more than sitting with some stitching in my lap, and watching shadows and sunshine slip-slide down the Dale.”

Please see below for a couple examples of Maggi’s work: